The Kyumei, Ltd.
Head Office and Factory: 508-1, Nameri, Nagaizumi-Cho, Sunto-Gun, Shizuoka-Ken 411-0933
Phone: +81-(0)55-987-8811 Fax: +81-(0)55-987-8812

Established: 1975
Capital: JPY 10,000,000
Major products and services: Manufacture and Sale of Ship Supplies and Marine Hardware
Representative : President/Representative Director, Ryo Shimozawa

Product catalog:

1.Desalinator <SOLASS-100L>
Hand-operated type
For emergency life-rafts and individual survival kits
The Ground Self-Defense Force of Japan has adopted officially

Main specifications
Flow 1.92 l/h (at 40 times/min at normal temperature)
Desalter rate: Over 95 percent
Size: 12×30×11cm
Weight: 1.6kg
Drop test height: 30m


2.Water Test Kit <Water helper WH-CLO15, WH-CLO50>
This is the Test Kit for Ship drinking-water system.
You can test the water easily.

Test items
■ Residual Chlorine/ CLO
■ Copper / Cu
■ Zinc / Zn
■ pH
■ Iron / Fe
■ Nitrite-Nitrogen/ NO2-N
■ Total Hardness
■ Bacteria
■ Coliforms


3.Sodium hypochlorite solution <Water helper CL2>

Physical/Chemical Properties
Appearance: Light yellow, liquid, no precipitates
Active chlorine: min 5%




〒411-0933 静岡県駿東郡長泉町納米里508-1

電話 055-987-8811
FAX 055-987-8812
営業時間 9:00~17:30


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